Building Insights.  Really great speakers leave nuggets of gold for their audiences to capitalize on years into the future. Dr. Neal Thornberry is one of those speakers.  A former graduate student from over 20 years ago recently contacted him to give a key note speech in Dubai for a  large telecom company because this student still remembered some of the key lessons he had learned from Professor Thornberry’s classes.

Insights last, speeches don’t.  Neal Thornberry describes himself as in the “Insight Business”.  Insights are part intellectual but more importantly they are emotional and therefore memorable.  As a result, Dr. Thornberry’s talks aim for the development of personal insights that embed lessons learned for life not just for an event.

Story telling with Humor.  While Neal Thornberry’s work is firmly grounded in academic research, he focuses on creating teachable moments by using colorful stories, examples, anecdotes, humor, and socratic questioning to make learning fun, accessible, and memorable.   Some have even accused him of being a stand up comedian in disguise.