Executive Education

Neal Thornberry has over 20 years experience in the executive education arena. He has developed  tailored and open enrollment courses for  universities and global businesses including Dartmouth, UVA, Northwestern, SAP, Siemens, and Kimberly Clark to name a few of his clients.  His proprietary Executive education programs are based on his extensive years of research and practice in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.  He has learned what works and what doesn’t and brings this knowledge to all of his clients who want to use the tool of innovation to radically improve organizational success. His offerings include

  • Jump start  innovation programs
  • IDEA Program (Innovation Driven by Entrepreneurial Action)*
  • Organizing for Innovation
  • Innovation Landscape Survey diagnoses
  • Leading Innovation
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Strategic Choices
  • And talks based on his two books
    • Lead like and Entrepreneur
    • Innovation Judo: Disarming Roadblocks & Blockheads on the Path to Creativity

*This program extends over several months and results in the   real time   development of significant new products, services, or businesses.