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Dr. Neal Thornberry is a frequent keynote speaker and guest lecturer on the topics of Innovation and entrepreneurial leadership in both private and public sector organizations. His speaking venues have included Siemens, Toyota Motors, Kimberly Clark, IRI, Nationwide Insurance, IBM, Home Depot, Arcelor Steel, Homeland Security, The US Coast Guard, DoD, Mott’s, SAP, Chrysler, Smith Kline-Glaxo and the Government of Thailand.  He is also a frequent guest lecturer at various universities around the world including Darden, Duke, Dartmouth, UNC, Northwestern University, Tsinghua in China, the European School of Management, and the Helsinki School of economics.

Professor Thornberry has written a number of articles and cases on business management in the United States, Europe, and Asia.  His work has appeared in the European Management Journal, Project Management Journal, Behavioural Science, Fortune Magazine, Industry Week, Business Week, The European Management Journal, and The Journal of Management Development.  His article “A View about Vision” was selected as one of the keystone articles for inclusion in Contemporary Issues in Leadership (1998).

Professor Thornberry is the founder and CEO of llc a consulting firm whose fundamental purpose is “to make innovation at work, work”. He is also serving in a part-time capacity at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA as the Faculty Director for Innovation Initiatives. He built the first course in “Leading Innovation” for Navy Admirals and their Senior Executive civilian partners.

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